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    Covid-19 – Commitment to Cleanliness & Safety Program

    We are here when you are ready to travel again

    We at Grand Hotel Portovenere have always been committed to providing our guests and our employees with the health and safety measures that ensured a stay free of concerns. And now, in light of the Covid-19 situation, we are even more focused on these important issues.

    We are strictly adhering to the protocols and guidelines established the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Italian authorities. We have elevated the level of our already strict practices around food handling, sanitation, disinfection and cleaning, to ensure that we meet and exceed the government and global health organization recommended guidelines.

    For many of us travel is a reward to our hard work, a time we look forward to relaxing and enjoying exploring new or old places, in the company of friends, family or on our own, a time to recharge our batteries to return to our lives full of creativity, and unforgettable memories.

    As the world begins to regain control of the present crisis and we start dreaming of traveling again, Grand Hotel Portovenere will be ready to welcome you in a safe and healthy environment, just like before, like your home in Portovenere.

    What you can expect during your stay


    • All linens are sanitized in high-temperature wash. All roll containers used for the transport of the linen are systematically sanitized each time they are used. In compliance with the UNI EN 14065 standard (on the hygienic quality of treated textiles), swab cycles are systematically performed (by specialized third-party structures) to measure bacteriological residues.
    • All rooms are regularly cleaned and disinfected according to tested hygiene regulations. Special attention is paid to areas with high points of contact such as key cards, door handles, locks and bolts, light switches, telephones, TV remote controls and handles of bathroom fittings.
    • Air conditioning is kept clean and sanitized after each stay.


    • The guest who requests room service is served with the necessary food protection. The staff follows all safety protocols and will only stay for the time of delivery and pick-up.


    • All public areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected according to tested hygiene regulations. Special attention is paid to areas with high points of contact such as key cards, computers in public areas, lift doors and buttons, door handles, locks and bolts, light switches, desk surfaces, telephones, handles of bathroom fittings.
    • Regular ordinary maintenance is carried out on the air conditioning treatment systems and its components.
    • Face masks are required for guests and staff in public areas.
    • Hand sanitizer is available to guests & staff in public areas.


    • We ask guests to communicate in advance their desired breakfast time to ensure that breakfast takes place safely.
    • Disinfection and sterilization of magnetic room keys after each use.
    • Monitoring staff's temperature in order to anticipate adequate medical attention.
    • Specific baggage management hygiene measures.
    • Payment by contactless credit card is prioritized.
    • Social distancing measures between guests and staff.


    • Employees in all departments are protected and trained in Covid-19 hygiene protocols to deal with risks of contamination and implement the necessary safety measures.


    • Breakfast takes place with table service through the dining room staff, after notifying the customer about the availability in the buffet area. A rich choice of sweet, savory and local specialties is guaranteed. We guarantee the possibility to order express dishes on request, to provide you with the best possible service. The staff in charge of cleaning the reserved and common areas in the breakfast room, wear a mask and follow all the necessary safety measures.


    • We ensure all our providers (parking, transfer services, tours) strictly follow all health & safety measures.
    • Our excursions and experiences take place with added protocols. Guides wash their hands regularly, wear face masks and maintain the necessary distances.
    • Our motorboat, Soleil 33, is operative in full compliance with the health regulations, as our partner boat and car transfer services.


    • Limited capacity in the restaurant and bar: spaces between seats and tables have been enlarged to ensure the distance required.
    • Digitalized menus.
    • Tables are cleaned with disinfectant as soon as they are no longer occupied and before a new guest uses the table.
    • Dishes, cutlery and glasses are washed and disinfected in the dishwasher.
    • Meeting rooms are set up and serviced according to the regulations and respect the minimum distance requirement.


    • Grand Hotel Portovenere is committed to providing you with as much planning flexibility as possible, so that you can book your next travel and hotel experience with confidence.
    • We offer flexibility in relation to booking amendments and cancellations. Terms can vary depending on the chosen rate. Please read the Terms & Conditions while checking availability on our booking engine or contact us for clarifications. For bookings made through your travel advisor, please contact them directly about this.


    • Doctor available 24/7.

    For any questions, bookings or travel information, our reservations team will be delighted to assist you via telephone +39 0187 777 751 or email

  • Portovenere

    Sunset Muscoli

    Thursday 3 - 10 - 17 - 24 September from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

    Live aperitif with one of our chefs. "Spezzina style" mussels, bruschetta and grilled vegetables.

    Paired with Colli di Luni wine by Cantina La Pietra del Focolare.

    Cost of the aperitif: 18€

    During the evening, it will be possible to purchase some gadgets dedicated to the Sunset Mussels event, and all the proceeds will be donated to Associazione per il Mare, a local association that carries out social, educational and territory promotion activities.

    Parking, in the garage of the Grand Hotel Portovenere, is reserved and free for those who reserve dinner. For reservations: 0187 790570

  • Portovenere

    Outdoor Exhibition at Grand Hotel Portovenere

    Grand Hotel Portovenere has always been at the vanguard in art promotion, especially involving its own region of Liguria and its neighbor, Tuscany. For 2020 it has worked on a new project called ‘Between Liguria & Tuscany’, which features works of art exposed in the underpass that leads pedestrians towards the Grand Hotel and the historic center of Portovenere. This initiative gives value to the tunnel through which thousands of tourists and citizens pass every year.

    Art academies and collectives were invited to participate in the initiative, namely the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti di Genova (Liguria), the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara (Tuscany) and the Bedrock Collective. 

    Learn more about all artists and their works in our blog 'Discover Portovenere'

  • Cinque TerrePortovenere

    Cinque Terre Handmade Sandals: Interview with Federica 

    There are some charming seaside resorts that are known for their tradition in handmade sandals, such as Capri, Positano and Saint-Tropez. “So why not create sandals in the Cinque Terre?” This is idea behind the launch of Lanapo, a handmade footwear collection created by Federica Napoletano, whom we had the pleasure to interview.

    Read the full interview on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • PortovenereCinque Terre

    Cinque Terre Crafts: interview with Adele

    The Cinque Terre are famous for their beautiful landscape, but this is also a territory that should be praised for the creativity of its artisans and for the quality crafts that they create We chatted with Adele, a symbol of the new generation of young artisans that follow the footsteps of their parents, working in the characteristic botteghe (craft workshops) that you can find when strolling around the Cinque Terre.

    Read the interview on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • Gulf of Poets

    Interview with Fabrizia, daughter of artist Carlo Giovannoni

    Carlo Giovannoni was a versatile artist from La Spezia, where he was born, lived and worked his entire life as a painter and sculptor. Some of his works of art are exposed at Grand Hotel Portovenere. We had the pleasure of chatting with his daughter, Fabrizia.

    You can read the interview and Giovannoni's biography on our blog Discover Portovenere.

  • Portovenere

    Serata a tema “Profumo di Liguria”

    Sabato 26 ottobre alle 18:00

    Olio e Basilico sono simboli che toccano il cuore di noi liguri e che hanno un profondo legame col territorio: per questo il valore della loro provenienza è stato suggellato dalla DOP.

    Il Grand Hotel Portovenere e il Palmaria Restaurant Portovenere insieme a Olio DOP Riviera Ligure con Marco Lucchi e Basilico Genovese D.O.P organizzano con il contributo di Azienda Agricola Terenzuola una giornata dedicata alla Liguria!

    Presso Sala Meeting Lerici Grand Hotel Portovenere
    ore 18.00: "Scuola di olio"
    bistrot-laboratorio di assaggio e approfondimento sull’Olio DOP Riviera Ligure
    Capopanel Dott. Agr. Marco Lucchi, titolare del Frantoio Oleario Marco Lucchi – Santo Stefano di Magra (Sp), aderente al Consorzio di Tutela Olio DOP Riviera Ligure

    ore 19.15: "Tutti pazzi per il Basilico Genovese DOP!"
    un intrattenimento agro-culturale partendo dal mito del pesto al mortaio
    a cura del Consorzio di Tutela del Basilico Genovese DOP con Francesco Petacco e Flavio Corazza
    (programma di promozione sostenuto da Unione Europea e Regione Liguria)

    ore 20 cena a tema "Profumo di Liguria" presso il Palmaria Restaurant Portovenere
    interpretazioni e sorprese a base di olio DOP Riviera Ligure e Basilico Genovese DOP con la partecipazione di Terenzuola Ivan Giuliani Azienda Agricola Terenzuola

    Il menù

    Tartare di ricciola con spugna al basilico
    In abbinamento a
    Vementino Colli di Luni Doc Vigne Basse 2018 Az. Agr. Terenzuola

    Raviolo di burrata, coulis ai tre pomodori e spuma di basilico
    In abbinamento a
    Vermentino Colli di Luni Doc Fosso di Corsano Az.Agr. Terenzuola

    Cannolo alla ligure

    Per informazioni e prenotazioni
    Posti limitati

    Palmaria Restaurant
    +39 0187 790570

  • PortovenereGulf of PoetsCinque Terre

    Portovenere – La Spezia Cruise Stop: what to do in 1 day

    If you are planning a cruise with La Spezia as a port of call, then you must make the most out of your time in this beautiful part of the Italian Riviera. What is there to do in one day in or near La Spezia – Portovenere? Find the answers and tips on our Blog - Discover Portovenere.

  • Gulf of Poets

    October Day Trips near Portovenere

    October is a great month to visit the Gulf of Poets: the weather is still mild, the natural landscape delights our eyes with the distinctive autumn colors, the flavors of fall are celebrated with wine and food festivals. On top of this, there are less tourists around meaning that – with less queues and cheaper prices – you can probably do a lot more during your break on the Italian Riviera.

    In October you can easily organize day trips in Liguria and even in the neighboring regions of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. Read about our events and sightseeing tips in Genoa, Carrara, Pisa, Lucca and Parma - less than 2 hours’ drive away from Portovenere - on Discover Portovenere Blog.

  • PortovenereGulf of Poets

    Interview with Filippo Lubrano: poetry in the Bay of Poets

    The Gulf of La Spezia has attracted artists and writers for centuries, and that’s why it was nicknamed Golfo dei Poeti (Gulf of Poets). But what about today? Is it still a bay for poets? Let’s find out in the interview with Filippo Lubrano, a versatile management engineer, journalist and writer from La Spezia. 

    Read the interview on our blog Discover Portovenere

  • PortovenereGulf of Poets

    Pop Eat | Nutriamo il Borgo

    Pop Eat | Nutriamo il Borgo is the festival that combines the traditional cuisine of Liguria and Lunigiana with visual arts and conviviality. This event aims at promoting the gastronomic culture of the territory between Liguria and Tuscany as well as the artists who work mainly in the field of visual arts.

    Discover the 2019 dates and more information on our blog "Discover Portovenere".

  • Portovenere

    Forbes: Reasons to visit Portovenere

    After Lonely Planet’s recommendation to visit Portovenere as an alternative to Cinque Terre, the prestigious Forbes magazine has just published an article in which travel expert Catherine Sabino gives 9 reasons to visit this hidden gem in the Gulf of Poets.

    The introduction explains that Portovenere offers what its more famous neighbors are known for: marvelous seaside settings, scenic coastlines and walking trails, and rustic Ligurian cuisine. All this, with less tourists.

    The article then proceeds with 9 good reasons to visit Porto Venere! Discover them in the article by Forbes: 9 Reasons To Visit The Cinque Terre’s Gorgeous “Sixth Town”—Portovenere.

  • PortovenereGulf of Poets

    Luxury Hotel Shopping: interview with Private Shopper

    Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Niminder Bhogal, an expert personal shopper with whom Grand Hotel Portovenere has partnered up to offer its guests high-end and personalized shopping experiences between Liguria and Tuscany.

    Read “Private Luxury Shopping: interview with personal shopper Niminder”on our blog

  • Gulf of PoetsPortovenere

    Reaching Portovenere by boat with sea-view dining

    The Palmaria Restaurant at Grand Hotel Portovenere has a calendar full of musical and gastronomy events starting from June.

    If you are planning to visit Portovenere from La Spezia, driving and finding parking is no longer a problem! In fact, thanks to Hop Hop Boat it will be possible to enjoy the Gulf of Poets and reach Portovenere comfortably by sea.

    The promotion consists of a Fast Tour that departs from Molo Italia in La Spezia and stops in Portovenere, allowing you to enjoy the menu at Palmaria Restaurant for lunch and, when possible, also for dinner. Not only do Palmaria Restaurant and Hop Hop Boat reserve you a special rate, you also receive a free dessert at lunch!

    For more information, availability, schedules please contact:

    Palmaria Restaurant Porto Venere
    +39 0187 790570 
    Via G.Garibaldi, 5, 19025 Portovenere (SP) presso Grand Hotel Portovenere

    Hop Hop Boat
    +39 3713412369 ( Whatsapp)
    Banchina Revel, 19120, La Spezia, Italia


  • Portovenere

    Summer Evenings: Music & Tastings at Palmaria Restaurant

    Live music and themed menus on the most beautiful terrace in the Gulf of Poets!

    Don't miss our live concerts to pay homage to classical, Italian and international music, and our specials menus to celebrate traditional events with champagne tastings and local wines ...


    See you at Palmaria Restaurant and Venus Bar!

    Palmaria Restaurant Porto Venere
    +39 0187 790570
    Via G.Garibaldi, 5, 19025 Portovenere (SP) presso Grand Hotel Portovenere

  • PortovenereGulf of Poets

    Portovenere - Versilia Beach Experiences & Tours

    Few things can be as captivating as experiencing the coastal beauty of the Italian Riviera. Some of the most gorgeous beaches and exclusive seaside towns are located between Liguria and Tuscany, so why not combine a visit to both regions?

    The Gulf of Poets in Liguria and its neighboring Versilia in Tuscany allow you to make the most out of a nature, cultural & shopping vacation. On our blog "Discover Portovenere" you can find some ideas on what to see and do.

  • Portovenere

    Wellbeing Experience in Portovenere

    Palmaria Restaurant and Portovenere Wellness together for a special wellbeing program!

    “Light Lunch” Option

    Enjoy a lymphatic drainage massage and access to the humid and relaxation areas; then lunch at the restaurant with a delicious healthy menu, consisting of a red soup rich in Vitamin D, a cereal salad with vegetables, fruit/mousse yogurt, water, coffee and centrifugal juice (Memento + pineapple + ginger + celery).

    “Aperitivo” Option

    Enjoy a 50-minute massage and access to the humid and relaxation areas; then indulge with an aperitivo with healthy appetizers at the bar, consisting of a light food platter and a cocktail / centrifugal juice (Memento + pineapple + ginger + celery).

    For more information: tel +390187791030 ||

  • Portovenere

    PressReader Digital Newsstand

    When you stay at Grand Hotel Portovenere, you can enjoy complimentary access to thousands of newspapers and magazines thanks to the PressReader app.

    All you have to do is to connect to the hotel's Wi-Fi network, download the PressReader app from App Store, Google Play or Microsoft, and start reading... enjoy!

  • Portovenere

    Music & Champagne: Italian Vibes

    7 June at 19:00 - Aperitif & Dinner with Champagne Pommery Italia.

    Concert from 19:00 to 20:30 with Fabio D'andrea and Nicola Mioli: a tribute to Italian music on the terrace of Palmaria Restaurant & Venus Bar. 

    The concert will take place even in case of bad weather.


    Local Oyster 
    Raw fish

    Paired with:

    Champagne Pommery
    Brut Rosè’ Apanage
    Chardonnay Pinot Noir



    Citrus marinated swordfish on a dash of saffron with pappardelle-style vegetables

    Pastificio Morelli pacchero pasta on a langostine cream with Italian caviar

    “Noalya” chocolate and habanero pepper mousse with a raspberry center and passion fruit sauce

    Paired with:

    Champagne Pommery
    Grand Cru Royal Millesime’ 2006
    Chardonnay Pinot Noir

    Champagne Pommery
    Brut Rosè’ Apanage
    Chardonnay Pinot Noir


    For reservations:
    +39 0187 790570

  • Portovenere

    Music & Champagne: Let's Swing

    24 May 2019 at 19:00 - Aperitivo & Dinner - A tribute concert to the Swing era with two great artists - Alfredo Ferrario (clarinet) and Yuri Biscaro (guitar) - on the terrace of the Palmaria Restaurant & Venus Bar, with bubbles by Champagne Pommery.

    The concert will take place even in case of bad weather.


    La Spezia Oysters
    Tataky Swordfish
    Yellowfin Tuna Tartare

    paired with:

    Champagne Pommery
    Grand Cru Royal Millesime’ 2006
    Chardonnay, Pinot Noir



    Umbrina Tartare with Rasberry and Passion Fruit Gaspacho

    “Morelli” Pacchero Pasta on a Langostine Cream with Italian Caviar

    White Noalya Chocolate Cookie with Pistachios, Almonds and Strawberry Gele’

    paired with:

    Champagne Pommery
    Grand Cru Royal Millesime’ 2006
    Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

    Champagne Pommery
    Brut Rose’ Apanage
    Chardonnay, Pinot Noir


    For reservations please contact
    +39 0187 790570

  • Portovenere

    Presentation of the new wines by Vini Cà du Ferrà

    15 April 2019, 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm: Presentation and guided tasting of the New Vintage by Vini Cà du Ferrà in collaboration with Grand Hotel Portovenere and Palmaria Restaurant.

    Dinner will follow, with a menu designed specifically for the event by Palmaria Restaurant.



    Registration is required.

    For more information and reservations:

    Tel +39 0187 790570


    Palmaria Restaurant, Portovenere Grand Hotel, Via G. Garibaldi, 5 - 19025 Portovenere (SP) |

  • Portovenere

    Easter Lunch in Portovenere

    Have a magic Easter lunch on the panoramic veranda of Palmaria Restaurant!


    Traditional Ligurian Easter pie

    Slow-cooked veal carpaccio with cacao, pappardelle-style vegetables with dark ‘Noalya’ chocolate aroma

    Chocolate spaghetti with Portovenere mussels and asparagus duet

    Brazed lamb shank with typical ‘Mesciua’ from La Spezia

    Mousse of Pastiera cake with Bourbon vanilla cream and almonds crisps

    65 euro per person, wines excluded

    View the poster

    For information and reservations please contact:

    Tel +39 0187.790570

  • Portovenere

    Dining with the Artist

    3 evenings dedicated to art in all its forms at Palmaria Restaurant in Portovenere: artists, book presentations and food and wine tastings.


    5 APRIL 2019, 8:00 pm
    CLAUDIO BARONTINI, preview of the photo book "New York".
    Presentation by Marco Gasperetti, journalist at the Corriere Della Sera and university professor.
    Dinner in collaboration with the Cooperativa Mitilicoltori spezzini and Cantine Federici.

    12 APRIL 2019, 8:00 pm
    LORENZO MARCUCCETTI, his book ... and a bit of Lunigiana on the plate. Presented by Journalist Maria Cristina Sabatini. Dinner dedicated to the territory in collaboration with Bottega del Panigaccio and Cantine Belmesseri.

    17 APRIL 2019, 8:00 pm
    ANGELO NEGRO presents "his" Piedmont.
    Dinner with tasting of the wines by Azienda Agricola Angelo Negro.

    For reservations and information:
    Tel: +39 0187.790570

    Palmaria Restaurant Portovenere
    Via Garibaldi 5, Porto Venere

  • PortovenereGulf of Poets

    Paintings by Carlo Giovannoni

    Carlo Giovannoni was a versatile artist from La Spezia, where he was born, lived and worked his entire life as a painter and sculptor. Today, some of his beautiful paintings enrich and color the common areas at Grand Hotel Portovenere, open to the public for viewing. 

    Our hotel is at the forefront in the promotion of local artists and territory. Here you will also find paintings by local artist Francesco Vaccarone, and photographs dedicated to local mussel farmers by Claudio Barontini. 

    Read more about the life of Carlo Giovannoni and his works of art on Discover Portovenere blog: "Artists from the Gulf of Poets: Carlo Giovannoni".

  • Portovenere

    Wine Tasting at Palmaria Restaurant

    Italian wines to tickle your taste buds

    Our sommeliers will welcome you in one of the scenic rooms called Moby Dick and Sala Magnolia, at Grand Hotel Portovenere.

    Together you will discover 3 taste itineraries…

    Mister Vermentino: between Liguria and Tuscany

    3 white wines accompanied by appetizers.
    From 30 euro per person

    Red Wine: an all-Italian itinerary

    3 red wines accompanied by appetizers.
    From 35 euro per person

    For Bubble Lovers

    3 sparkling wines accompanied by appetizers.
    From 45 euro per person

    Tasting duration: 45 minutes
    Available times: 16:30/17:15 - 17:15/18:00

    Upon request, we will be delighted to offer personalized tastings.

    For more information on the experience of Wine Tasting in Portovenere, contact

  • Gulf of Poets

    Tour of the Poets

    Dive into the culture and marine environment of the Gulf of Poets aboard the Moby Dick, an old restored wooden fishing boat. Listen to the poems of famous writers and artists who participated in the cultural life of the Gulf of La Spezia over the centuries, accompanied by the guitar and recited in Italian, English and Ligurian dialect.

    Place: Boat ride in the Gulf of Poets between Portovenere and Lerici
    Duration: about 4 hours, available upon request

    For info and reservations: Tel +39 0187 777751,

  • Portovenere

    Interview with Architect Virginia Neri (Part II)

    Blending Traditions & Nature in Interior Design: the Suites at Grand Hotel Portovenere.

    Virginia Neri is the local architect behind the ingenious interior design choices at Grand Hotel Portovenere. In this second part of the interview, she speaks about the most prestigious rooms of the hotel, Suite del Castello and Suite dei Poeti. Read the entire interview on Discover Portovenere blog.

  • Portovenere

    Interview with Architect Virginia Neri (Part I)

    Blending Traditions & Landscape in Interior Design at Palmaria Restaurant.

    Virginia Neri is the local architect behind the ingenious interior design choices at Grand Hotel Portovenere. In this first interview she explains the concepts behind the integration of local traditions and nature in the hotel’s restaurant – Palmaria Restaurant. Read the entire interview on Discover Portovenere blog.

  • Gulf of PoetsPortovenere

    Spezia's Oyster Farm Tour

    This unique and exclusive boat excursion includes sailing around the Islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, and a visit to the oyster farms in La Spezia. An expert guide will illustrate how the cultivation works take place at sea. Later, an oyster-based aperitif with white wine from Cinque Terre and local focaccia will be served on board.

    Departure from and arrival at Portovenere, morning or afternoon.
    Duration of about 4 hours.
    Available upon request from Monday to Saturday.
    For info and reservations:
    Tel +39 0187 777751,


  • Gulf of Poets

    Spring Travel: Beautiful Gardens in the Gulf of Poets

    Liguria is quite famous for some of its amazing Mediterranean gardens. Renowned names include Giardini Hanbury in Ventimiglia, dating back to 1867 thanks to the vision of English explorer Thomas Hanbury; Giardino Pallanca with more than 3.200 different types of exotic plants in Bordighera; and Villa Nobel, where Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel lived for 6 years. The latter is located in Sanremo, known as the City of Flowers (la Città dei Fiori) for its local cultivations and for the international flower market of Sanremo.

    There are some lesser known, yet beautiful gardens in the Gulf of Poets too. The best time to visit them is from spring to early fall, with spring offering the most impactful scenery and scents. So, if you love nature and plants, and are looking for a spring break off the beaten path in Liguria, make sure not to miss the following gardens in the Bay of La Spezia!

    Continue reading on "Discover Portovenere Blog"

  • Portovenere

    Cooking Course at Grand Hotel Portovenere

    Grand Hotel Portovenere is glad to offer its guests a unique cooking course held by Palmaria Restaurant’s Executive Chef.

    You will learn how to cook potato gnocchi, Liguria-style pesto and a dessert.

    The Chef will give each participant a handout with the recipes learned during the course.

    You can enjoy your culinary creation later at dinner at Palmaria Restaurant.

    • The course is held in the Moby Dick Room, an exclusive and intimate space located on the restaurant floor.
    • The duration is of 2 hours.
    • The course is held on upon availability during the afternoon.
    • To assure availability we kindly ask that you book the course one week in advance.

    Tel +39 0187 777 751

  • Gulf of PoetsPortovenere

    Interview with Francesco Vaccarone

    Francesco Vaccarone is an Italian painter and sculptor who was born in La Spezia in the Gulf of Poets. His works are displayed in public collections, universities, museums and private collections all over the world. Some of his paintings have travelled around the globe before returning to Liguria, where they are permanently exposed at Grand Hotel Portovenere.

    We have interviewed Francesco Vaccarone to get to know this local artist of international importance. Read the interview on Discover Portovenere Blog.

    [photo above courtesy of]

  • Cinque Terre

    "Wine of Cinque Terre" Tour

    A unique experience of Liguria’s typicality: discover the dynamic vineyards of Azienda Agricola Possa, a farm in Riomaggiore, where you will meet Samuele Heydi Bonanini, artisan producer of natural wines and artist of heroic viticulture. Following the visit of the beautiful sea-view vineyard on the steep slope, the tour continues with a tasting of the renowned Sciacchetrà, the classic white wines from Cinque Terre, and also surprising reds and rosés.

    Place: Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre National Park
    Duration: about 4 hours, available on request from Monday to Saturday.

    Download the poster

    For info and reservations: Tel +39 0187 777751,

  • Portovenere

    Art Installation: Interview with Stefano Pilato

    Who is behind the giant art installation called "Follow Me Help Me" in the lobby of our hotel? His name is Stefano Pilato, and his works are created by assembling objects that are found on the beach, together with scrap materials from dumps, warehouses, forgotten and unwanted things in attics and friends’ houses. In other words, Stefano gives a second life opportunity to objects, often creating extraordinary results.

    We have interviewed him in occasion of the reopening of Grand Hotel Portovenere! Read the interview on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • Portovenere

    Music & Champagne

    Friday 28 September from 7.00 pm
    An evening in collaboration with Ruinart, the oldest champagne house in the world, during which you will be able to taste the Champagne Brut Blanc De Blancs during both the aperitif and the dinner.

    Live music with Alice Innocenti and Bernardo Sommani (voice and guitar) from about 7pm to 8:30pm.

    Aperitif from 6:30pm and dinner from 8:30pm.

    Raw finger seafood
    La Spezia Oysters
    paired with a glass of Champagne Brut Blanc De Blancs - Ruinart

    Parking in the garage of the Grand Hotel Portovenere is free of charge for those who reserve dinner.

    For reservations:
    0187 790570

  • Portovenere

    Jazz & Wine

    Friday 21 September from 7.00 pm:
    A great evening in collaboration with Ca’ Lunae Winery and Liquoreria Essentiae, during which the ancestral wines of the Bosoni family will be presented.

    Live Jazz with Max Soggiu and Diego Piscitelli (double bass and sax) from about 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

    You can choose to enjoy an aperitif in combination with a glass of Vermentino Spumante N°1 Brut, at a cost of €10.

    The evening will continue with dinner at 20:30.

    > Chef’s Welcome
    > Rustic gnocchi with octopus ragout
    paired with a glass of Vermentino Colli di Luni "Cavagino" DOC wine
    > San Pietro fish, pizzaiola style
    paired with a glass of Vermentino Colli di Luni wine number
    > Spongata (typical local dessert)
    Paired with ancestral Essentiae wines

    The menu costs € 55, wines included.

    Parking in the garage of the Grand Hotel Portovenere is free of charge for those who reserve dinner.

    For reservations:
    0187 790570

  • Portovenere

    Olive Oil Tasting Course

    An introductory course to the tasting of DOP Riviera Ligure Olive Oil will take place on 27 April and 4 May 2018 at Palmaria Restaurant in Portovenere. The course will be held in Italian by Marco Lucchi, who will explain the different between the main varieties of olives from Liguria, including Taggiasca, Razzola and Lavagnina.

  • Portovenere

    August Special Dining in Portovenere

    Palmaria Restaurant proposes 2 special dining experiences in occasion of:


    Wednesday 15 August


    Buffalo cheese stracciatella, mussels, puff pastry and candied cherry tomatoes

    Trofie pasta: light cream of organic borlotti beans, raw red shrimp, bacon

    Small bergamot sorbet flute

    Gurnard, Tropea onion, soft sponge with squid ink, fresh dill

    Orange parfait, almond crumble and blackberries


    Festival of the White Madonna

    (Friday 17 August): local mussels, bruschette and grilled vegetables. An à-la-carte menu will also be available


    Shrimp tartar, salted yogurt, ice cold celery, lime dressing

    Moscardini and Altamura Bread

    Burrata cheese from Andria with aubergines in oil, Pistoccu bread

    Taglierini pasta with octopus ragout

    Garganelli alla "Norma" in a revisited style

    Trofie pasta: light cream of organic borlotti beans, raw red shrimp, bacon

    Tuna Tataki with vegetables and yogurt sauce

    Spit-Grilled Scottona sirloin with crispy potatoes

    Caramelized Belgian endive with Sancarlone and Saffron sauce


    For information:
    +39 0187 790570

    Palmaria Restaurant Porto Venere
    Via G.Garibaldi, 5, 19025 Portovenere (SP)

  • Portovenere

    Aperitifs in Jazz - Mario Biasio and Simone Locarni

    Friday 27 July 2018: Venus Bar Portovenere hosts one of the "Aperitifs in Jazz" evenings of the prestigious International Jazz Festival of La Spezia, which has reached its 50th edition.

    In occasion of the concert of the famous saxophonist Mario Biasio and the young talented pianist Simone Locarni, Palmaria Restaurant and Venus Bar will recommend two wines of our territory that you can enjoy during the aperitif and throughout dinner.

    • Vermentino Fossa di Corsano, Colli di luni DOC by Azienda Terenzuola Ivan Giuliani 
    • Vermentino Costa Marina Colli di Luni DOC, by Azienda Agricola Ottaviano Lambruschi

    The concert will start at 7.00pm and end at around 8.00pm.

    For Dinner reservations:
    Palmaria Restaurant - Portovenere
    Via G.Garibaldi, 5, 19025 Portovenere (SP)
    Tel: +39 0187.790570

  • Portovenere

    Live Music at Venus Bar (I)

    Thursday 5 July from 19:00 to 20:30
    Moody Tricks: live guitar, bass and vocals trio.

    Aperitif and dinner on the most beautiful terrace in Porto Venere!

    Enjoy the aperitif with a special selection created by the chef for the aperitif. Later, you have the opportunity to dine at Palmaria Restaurant or to sip one of the cocktails selected by our bartenders for the evening.

    Overlooking the island of Palmaria and the village of Porto Venere, Palmaria Restaurant is open to the public daily.

    Palmaria Restaurant - Portovenere
    Via G.Garibaldi, 5, 19025 Portovenere (SP)
    Tel: +39 0187.790570

    Moody Tricks: Great classics and unusual songs re-interpreted in an acoustic style. From the Beatles, to the London Grammar, from Johnny Cash to Sam Sparro, from the Village People to Love.

  • Portovenere

    The Drink of Summer 2018 is at Venus Bar

    Venus Bar and Palmaria Restaurant have signed a partnership with MeMento, an alcohol-free spirit with the scents of Mediterranean aromatic plants.

    "The close collaboration involves the use of MeMento in the cocktails proposed by mixologists at Venus Bar and in the cuisine of Palmaria Restaurant” - explains Cristina Raso, Communication and Marketing Manager at Grand Hotel Portovenere – “It expands the quality of non-alcoholic beverages with the objective of intercepting the new trends in contemporary drinking, which sees a greater demand for natural and alcohol-free products".

    “Sunset in Portovenere” is the result of the mastery of the Barman at Grand Hotel Portovenere. This non-alcoholic, MeMento-based cocktail combines aromas of strawberry, coconut and orange, exalting essences and flavors, and creating an intriguing and refined drink.

    "Recipes created with syrups, spices and fruit purees are very popular with our customers. The entire Grand Hotel team, from the kitchen to the dining room, is working on the preparation of new creations using MeMento” explains Cristina Raso. “The goal is to give pleasure by promoting a healthy lifestyle and at the same time achieving a multi-sensory and complex experience in harmony with nature, elevating the properties of the elements of our land."

  • Portovenere

    Reflexology Open Days

    Free Reflexology open days available to all for the duration of 25 minutes, at Portovenere Wellness Center on the days 13 - 17 - 27 June 2018.

    Our Holistic expert will give you a plantar massage that helps you to reactivate your blood circulation, to release the tension and provide wellbeing for your body and mind.

    Reservation required, please call +39 0187/791030

  • Gulf of Poets

    Vintage Sailboats in the Gulf of Poets

    The first edition of Vele d’Epoca nel Golfo (Vintage Sailboats in the Gulf of Poets) will take place in Le Grazie, Portovenere, from 8 to 10 June 2018 under the patronage of AIVE (Italian Vintage Sailboat Association) in collaboration with Circolo Velico della Spezia. The event includes two regattas, a visit to Cantiere Valdettaro to see the restoration of classic yachts, an exclusive excursion to Tino Island to visit its lighthouse and museum – among other activities.

    Continue reading on Discover Portovenere Blog

    Photo by Paolo Maccione

  • Portovenere

    Music and Poetry: events at Venus Bar

    Don't miss May’s events at Venus Bar in Portovenere!

    ‘Live Music with Tiziana Gasparetti’

    Friday 11 May and Friday 18 May 2018 from 18:30 to 22:30

    Tiziana Gasparetti has been a professional singer since 2013. Her voice is also known abroad, where she has performed in the European Parliament and Grand Resort Bad Ragaz – among others.

    ‘Poetry for gulfs and harbors’

    Thursday 24 May and Thursday 31 May 2018 from 18:30 to 20:30

    A journey in the history of the Gulf of Poets, from Lord Byron to the contemporary scene, led by poet Filippo Lubrano’s words and Manuel Picciolo’s guitar. Enjoy wonderful evenings where music and poetry will meet to recreate the unrivaled atmosphere of the Gulf of Poets, starting from its roots till the new scene.

    Filippo Lubrano, La Spezia, 1983, is a journalist, a novelist and a poet, part of the ‘Mitilanti’ group in La Spezia. His latest novel, ‘Radici aeree’ (‘Aerial Roots’) is set in Asia, where he has been living for a while, and is being translated to English.
    Manuel Picciolo, La Spezia, 1990, is an eclectic musician. Aka ‘Mappo’, he’s among the winners of the Premio Lunezia.
    Together, they usually form the duo behind the ‘Poetry for Airports and Stations’.

    For more information and bookings please contact: 0187 790570;

    Follow our social networks for updates on summer events: follow Palmaria Restaurant and Grand Hotel Portovenere on Facebook.

  • Portovenere

    Writing Masterclass with Walter Siti

    Grand Hotel Portovenere hosts a Writing Masterclass with Italian writer Walter Siti, winner of the Strega Award, the most prestigious Italian literary award. The 10-hour course takes place in Italian, on 30 June and 01 July 2018.

  • Gulf of PoetsPortovenere

    2018 Spring Events

    Planning your Spring Break 2018 vacations in the Bay of La Spezia between Cinque Terre and Tuscany? Here are some events that you cannot miss.

    The months between March and June feature some interesting events spanning from sports to culture, from gastronomy to sailing, from wellbeing to kids’ education & entertainment.

    Keep reading on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • Portovenere

    Dinner with Champagne Tasting

    On Tuesday 10 April 2018, Palmaria Restaurant will be the exclusive venue for a dinner with champagne tasting. Here is the special menu that was conceived specifically for this event, along with the de Venoge champagne pairings.


    Sea bream carpaccio
    Paired with Princes Extra Brut
    60% Pinot Nero, 20% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Meunier

    Octopus salad, olive oil and lemon
    Paired with Princes Blanc de Blancs Brut
    100% Chardonnnay

    Calamari with sleek and shrimps
    Paired with Princes Rosé Brut
    100% Pinot Nero

    Turbot fillet, chard and fumetto bianco
    Paired with Princes Blanc de Noirs Brut
    100% Pinot Nero

    Small Fruit Compote & Cookies

    75€ per person

    For more information and to reserve your table, please contact
    Tel +39 0187 777 751

  • Portovenere

    Wine tasting course

    Wine tasting course (in Italian) with Francesco Petacco at Grand Hotel Portovenere in April 2018.

    Contact us for more information Tel +39 0187 777 751

  • Portovenere

    Presentazione di Vinibuoni d'Italia

    Aziende dell’enoturismo e giornalisti si incontreranno a Portovenere sabato 24 marzo 2018 alle ore 15:30 per la presentazione di “ViniBuoni d'Italia 2018”, guida ai vitigni autoctoni edita dal Touring Touring Editore, e per la premiazione di aziende liguri dedicate all’enoturismo sostenibile.

    La presentazione sarà accompagnata da un incontro tra giornalisti, operatori, produttori e amministratori locali sul tema “Enoturismo, turismo sostenibile per eccellenza”. 

    L’enoturismo è un fenomeno intorno al quale il XIII rapporto nazionale sul Turismo del Vino 2017 ha stimato si aggiri un indotto di 2,5 miliardi di euro di fatturato annuale e 14 milioni di arrivi in cantina. Dopo anni di vuoto normativo il Decreto n. 2016 del 2017 della Legge di Bilancio introduce la prima regolamentazione del settore. L’obiettivo è di coinvolgere tutta la filiera turistica ed enologica, mettendo in contatto il mondo del vino con le realtà culturali, economiche e sociali dei territori.

    Dalle 17,30 presso la Sala Meeting del Grand Hotel, sarà possibile degustare i vini dei produttori selezionati nell'edizione 2018 della guida, accompagnati dai salumi Levoni.

    Dalle ore 19,30 all'interno del Ristorante Palmaria del Grand Hotel Portovenere, Alessandro Scorsone presenterà un aperitivo davvero speciale con una sua selezione di Metodi Classici da vitigno autoctono presenti in guida, abbinati alle famose ostriche della Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Spezzini.

    Alle 20,30 la serata proseguirà a tavola, con un menù speciale dedicato all'evento.

    In abbinamento al menù verranno presentati i vini liguri dei produttori presenti ell'edizione 2018 di Vinibuoni d'Italia.


    Aperitivo ostriche e metodi classici a cura di Alessandro Scorsone con la Cooperativa dei Mitilicoltori Spezzini.

    Rivisitazione dei muscoli alla spezzina

    MAZZANCOLLA: coda gratinata con il suo datterino, Squacquerone liquido, rucola, crudo della carpegna

    cicale di mare, cacio e pepe, erbe fritte

    in casseruola, ristretto di crostacei, vegetali di stagione glassati

    allo yogurt, salsa ai frutti rossi, mirtilli, riso soffiato

    Il costo è di 70 euro

    Posti limitati ed esclusivamente su prenotazione al numero: Tel. +39 0187 777 751

    Per informazioni : Linda Nano Mob. +39 349 3747360

  • Portovenere

    Chocolate Tasting in Portovenere 

    The first course to obtain the title of Chocolate Taster with the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting will take place in Liguria for the first time.

    Specifically, the sea village of Portovenere in the Gulf of Poets – province of La Spezia – will host the course on 17-18 March 2018, in the beautiful meeting spaces of Grand Hotel Portovenere.

    Read the complete article on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • Portovenere

    First Gluten Free Restaurant in Portovenere

    We are pleased to confirm that our own Palmaria Restaurant is the first gluten free restaurant in Portovenere. In fact, Palmaria Restaurant has just been included in the Official Guide by the Italian Society for the Celiac Disease - AIC (Associazione Italiana Celiachia).

    As of July 2017, Palmaria Restaurant becomes the thirteenth officially recognized gluten-free restaurant in La Spezia Province. AIC makes thorough checks to make sure that restaurants can receive the gluten free certification and be listed in the national guide.

    Travelers who have celiac disease face many trials and tribulations in maintaining a gluten free diet, especially when they must give over control of food preparation to someone else. Finding a gluten free hotel or restaurant in your destination can make your Italian food experience (and vacation in general) a lot more enjoyable!

    Palmaria is the restaurant of Grand Hotel Portovenere. It is open to hotel guests as well as to the general public, offering unforgettable views of the local harbor and Palmaria Island. It proposes a cuisine with a Mediterranean flair, combining elements and ingredients from different Italian regions, and also providing a selection of dishes that are typical from La Spezia. These are also available in the gluten-free version.

    At Palmaria Restaurant, which sits just next to the ferryboats that depart for or arrive from Cinque Terre, you will find also vegetarian dishes. 

    Book your table at Palmaria Restaurant by contacting or +39 0187.790570

    View the Menus

  • Portovenere

    Aperitivo “USA meets Portovenere”

    After the success of the first foodie event featuring American wines back in June, Palmaria Restaurant will host another interesting evening for wine and food lovers. In occasion of the “USA meets Portovenere” aperitif on 20 October 2017, starting from 5pm, you will have the opportunity to discover unusual combinations between American wines and local gastronomy from the Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre.

    Wine Tasting
    Fox Run Riesling, Fox Run Traminette and Forge Cellars Riesling

    Finger Food by the Chef 
    skewers with mazzancolla (striped prawn) and herbs; octopus and taggiasche olives; and toasted bread with anchovies and buffalo mozzarella.

    Keep Reading on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • Portovenere

    Meet the Buzzards

    Turbo, Inferno, Minerva and Cronos are the team of buzzards that has been protecting guests at Grand Hotel Portovenere, as well as guests at Palmaria Restaurant and Venus Bar, from seagulls.

    Learn about them, falconer Stefano Rossi and the first-ever bird control operation of this kind in the province of La Spezia, on our blog article: "Meet the Buzzards of Portovenere".

  • Portovenere

    Portovenere Wellness & Venus Bar Special Promo

    Every Wednesday: book a 50-minute treatment at Portovenere Wellness Center and you receive a free aperitivo at Venus Bar (Grand Hotel Portovenere). Garage parking is included too.

    See the Spa Menu

    Book your wellness experience in Portovenere!

    Tel: +39.0187.791030


  • Portovenere

    Portovenere Wellness Center

    We are happy to announce that our Spa, called "Portovenere Wellness", is now open! It offers you a humid zone with Turkish bath, Jacuzzi sauna and sensory shower; a fitness room, and different beauty and wellness treatments.

    Have a look at the Spa Menu


    For information and reservations, please contact
    Tel 0187/791030


  • Portovenere

    Dining Gift Vouchers

    Palmaria Restaurant offers two types of Gift Vouchers: treat someone with a culinary experience in the Gulf of Poets!



    Two courses from the menu
    One glass of wine, water and coffee
    € 25


    Two courses from the menu
    One Dessert
    One glass of wine, water and coffee
    € 45


    The vouchers include free garage parking.

    For information and conditions:
    tel. 0187.790570

  • E-MAIL GDPR Information

    Information on the Processing of Personal Data pursuant to Art. 13 of GDPR 679/2016

    Pursuant to article 13 of GDPR 679/2016, we kindly inform you that our archives and systems include e-mail addresses that have been collected from previous communications through e-mails or any other communication method or individuals who directly provided their personal data. This data is processed in general dealings with the persons or entities. The data will be processed only by our authorised persons in charge of processing and will be retained until the end of purpose for which they were collected and, in any case, under data subject consent. The data subjects have the right at any time to request the erasure, anonymization or blocking of data from the archives and systems according to Chapter III GDPR 679/2016. The request should be sent to data controller Frontemare Srl, Via del Carroccio n. 16 – 20123 Milano, Italy or to Data Protection Officer Mr. Massimo Bruno by the e-mail address: Furthermore, it is possible to exercise the right to lodge a complaint to the Privacy Supervisor Authority according to Artt. 77 and ss Chapter VIII GDPR.

  • Portovenere

    Business Meetings

    Grand Hotel Portovenere can accommodate small and large corporate events, combining business meetings with work lunches and dinners, cooking lessons, tastings, outdoor activities such as boat excursions in the Bay of Poets and hiking in the Cinque Terre, and tours in the marble quarries in Carrara.

    If you wish to find out about the available options for your next Business Meeting in Liguria, contact

  • Portovenere

    Strategic Organization with LEGO® Serious Play ®

    On Friday 24 March 2017, Grand Hotel Portovenere hosts a workshop aimed at managers and executives of small and middle sized businesses.

    By joining, participants will learn:

    • Techniques of organizational assessment;
    • Planning scripts tailored for business needs;
    • Basic principles of the LEGO® Serious Play®.

    The themes of the workshop will be:

    • Methodology: instructions for use, application and strategies for customer acquisition management, team building, product innovation;
    • Basic notions, like the “flow” for more a productive and creative work;
    • The basic methods and four main phases of LEGO® Serious Play ®;
    • The Challenge: what is the most effective organization for your business?

    The course begins at 10:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm. The day includes two coffee breaks and one light lunch served on the panoramic veranda at Palmaria Restaurant.

    The course is organized by FUTOUR and taught by Paolo Martinez, expert in innovation and service & strategy design for businesses.

    For more information, please contact

  • PortovenereGulf of Poets

    7 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Portovenere

    One of the things we wish for most fervently when getting ready for a vacation, is that the weather will be gloriously sunny. Or we at least hope that the rain will stay out of our way. However, clouds and rain sometimes are oblivious to our pleas and show no mercy. If you are traveling to an area such as the Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre – where tourism is largely based on outdoor activities like hiking, sailing and sightseeing – don’t panic. There are fun and interesting activities that you can enjoy, other than relaxing in the hotel. So, what can you do on a rainy day in Portovenere, in the heart of eastern Liguria? Read some ideas and tips on our blog "Discover Portovenere"

  • Gulf of Poets

    Wine Hotel in the Gulf of Poets

    Wine Lovers: Grand Hotel becomes your point of reference in the Gulf of Poets, Liguria. Every year we launch a rich calendar of events involving wine tastings of local and Italian wines. Come and sip the best labels under the ancient vaulted ceilings of Venus Bar, on our panoramic terrace at Palmaria Restaurant, and in a new surprising location dedicated exclusively to wine tasting! Meanwhile, read about one of our favorite wineries.

  • Gulf of Poets

    Innovative corporate activities & team building

    Can your company transform challenging problems into ideas, strategies, communication, leadership and participatory interaction? Of course it can, especially in a place like the inspiring Bay of Poets! Successful corporate retreats rely heavily on the excellence of the location combined with the quality of content. Let’s understand why a venue like Portovenere is ideal for both aspects.

    Keep Reading on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • Meal Box: Pranzo e Cena d’Asporto

    Palmaria Restaurant offre il servizio Meal Box d’asporto per chi ormeggia o naviga a Portovenere. Piatti freddi semplici ma gustosi, ideali per chi vuole deliziarsi a pranzo o cena senza fermarsi in zona.

    Visualizza il menu

    Per maggiori informazioni vi preghiamo di contattare:
    +39 0187790570

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