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Corporate Social Responsibility



At Grand Hotel Portovenere we are passionate about caring for the local community and the environment. These are the main themes at the heart of our CSR: 

View from above  -  Grand Hotel Portovenere

Resource Management and Sustainability

  • We strive to alleviate pressure on natural resources by reducing energy, paper and water consumption in our hotel. We have also implemented actions to optimize waste management.  
  • We are committed to offering a quality and authentic culinary experience to our guests while fighting against food waste and water waste. Among our selected suppliers are small farms or local businesses that adopt a sustainable model for their agriculture and packaging.  
  • We strive to prevent the use of plastic or to use as little plastic as possible. When a sustainable alternative is not available, we choose recycling practices. 
  • We choose and work with partners who share sustainability and ethical values without compromising on the quality of their products and services. 

Local Community and Solidarity

  • We work with and support local associations like Associazione per il Mare, which carries out educational and social activities in the Gulf of Poets, and Associazione Orsa Minore, committed to improving the lives of children and young people with disabilities, autism and other types of developmental disorders. For example, the proceeds of excursions and any gadgets sold during our themed events are donated to Associazione per il Mare; and we organize cooking courses for children with disabilities under the guidance of our chefs, providing an enriching and entertaining experience at Grand Hotel Portovenere. 
  • We support Caritas, donating food for its soup kitchen. 
Sunset Muscoli- Grand Hotel Portovenere
Boat ride- Grand Hotel Portovenere

Communication & Events

  • Grand Hotel Portovenere hosts educational and informative events on issues related to sustainable innovation and conscious travel. We also support local or selected artists by hosting their book releases or exhibitions. And we organize wine and food tastings to endorse organic winemakers and farms, often with the partnership of great associations like Slow Food, Cooperativa Miticoltori Spezzini, AIS and ONAV. 
  • Our staff plays a fundamental role: we regularly organize “green” activities and interdepartmental projects to better communicate the eco-sustainability and solidarity themes at the heart of our CSR.