sea excursions portovenere boat
sea excursions portovenere boat

From the sea

Daily boat excursions are available around Portovenere, Palmaria Island, Lerici, Cinque Terre, and Portofino.

Choose the Soleil 33 Motorboat by Grand Hotel Portovenere for an exclusive experience!

  • Up to 10 passengers
  • 2 motors 230 cv
  • Max speed 30 knots
  • Pillows, awning, toilet, shower, fridge, wi-fi
  • Snorkeling equipment upon request

hiking excursions portovenere cinque terre
hiking excursions portovenere cinque terre

From the land

Choose among full-day excursions with or without a professional tour guide to explore our magical territory.

Here are some popular options:

  • Hike through the famous five villages of Cinque Terre or up to the evocative Sanctuaries off the beaten path.
  • Stroll in the historical centers of Lerici and Tellaro, the charming hamlets that bewitched poets like Lord Byron and Shelley.
  • Go for a surprising trek on the wild Palmaria Island across Portovenere.


Contact our concierge to learn about all boat tours and excursions:

call +39 0187 777751 or send an email to reservations@portoveneregrand.com.

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