Let’s have a bite together

In all the hustle and bustle that surrounds us, Palmaria Restaurant provides our customers with a unique space of peace and tranquillity. A true oasis!

We ask you to take the opportunity to break the “always on the go” pattern and slow down in order to carve out a few moments for yourself.

This rate includes:

  • two meals per person with a saving of 90 euros (2 dishes+dessert at lunch or dinner, drinks excluded),
  • buffet breakfast,
  • garage parking,
  • wi-fi connection,
  • access to the Press Reader digital newsstand,
  • VAT and service fees.

Experience more of Portovenere

Water surrounded by rocks   -  Grand Hotel Portovenere

Emotions from the Sea

Discover hidden coves in full relaxation, surrounded by the calm sea and the silence of nature. Stop to dive in the crystal-clear waters and experience the Gulf of Poets as you’ve never done before!  

A fishing boat -   Grand Hotel Portovenere

Spezia’s Oyster Farm

Exclusive boat excursion that includes sailing around the Islands, and a visit to the oyster farms in La Spezia.