portovenere fishing boat experiences

A unique, charming and dazzling destination


Grand Hotel Portovenere overlooks the Gulf of Poets, a deep and wide bay on the eastern tip of Liguria’s coast.

This destination is a feast for your eyes and soul, as suggested by its name, which stems from the inspiration that the area has had on poets and artists over the centuries. Among them: writers David Herbert Lawrence and Percy Bysshe Shelley, writer and painter George Sand, and poet Lord Byron.

Portovenere is the perfect base for a tranquil stay off the beaten path, yet close to famous destinations like the villages of Cinque Terre, glamorous Portofino, and Tuscany’s Riviera and art cities.

portovenere boat experiences

Portovenere & Beyond

Discover Portovenere, the Bay of Poets & Cinque Terre

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Between Liguria & Tuscany

Where the sea meets the Apuan Alps

Singing and Playing Guitar - Grand Hotel Portovenere

Art & Music

Get to know the territory through different artists













coastline between portovenere and cinque terre

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