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The scents of Marble

A sensory journey to discover marble and ancient traditions while on vacation and in your home

Marble has the fragrance of art, history, and matter. It recalls the culture, uniqueness, and the beauty of the places where marble is extracted between Liguria and Tuscany.

There is no better destination than Portovenere where to embark on a sensory journey to discover marble!

When we tested the quality of these room fragrances, each a small work of art with the unmistakable marble cap and refined and unique essences, we decided to share this special sensory experience with our guests.

You can request to personalize your room and to try these sophisticated diffusers exclusively.

profumatori marmo portovenere

Choose your favorite aroma



Calacatta is one of the precious marbles extracted in the Apuan Alps. The scent is sweet and delicate, with an exotic touch brought by the star anise on a more persistent base of sandalwood, vanilla, cedarwood and white musk

bianco carrara


Carrara’s white marble is famous for its fine grain and versatility. This fragrance has spicy notes of ginger and saffron, sweetened by hints of roses and honey. The base is full of discordant elements that reflect this sensory journey’s complexity and value.



Portovenere's rare black marble. Like the wild sea that enchanted poets Lord Byron and Percy Shelley, Portoro draws you in with its intense and dark notes of ambergris, patchouli, sandalwood, and white musk that re-emerge in an explosion of fruity notes.

Related Exclusive Experiences

Grand Hotel Portovenere celebrates the connection between Liguria and Tuscany by offering its Guests exclusive marble tours and a new sensory journey!

portoro marble tour

Portoro Marble Tour

Visit the old marble quarries while hiking in the beautiful natural landscapes of the Gulf of Poets and Palmaria Island.


Carrara Marble Tour

A guided tour of Michelangelo’s quarries in Tuscany where ancient and modern methods for the extraction are explained.

lucca mint museum visit

Lucca's Mint Museum

Our aroma diffusers are embellished with a golden insert forged by the Collegio dei Monetieri Toscani, which carries out the centuries-old tradition of the Mint of Lucca.

Marble-inspired cocktails

The mixologists at Venus Bar Portovenere have conceived two new cocktails to celebrate the marble connection between Liguria and Tuscany!

bianco carrara cocktail recipe

Bianco Carrara Cocktail

An intense and captivating after-dinner cocktail. Ideal for meditation!

30 ml Saffron Gin

15 ml Tonka bean liqueur

15 ml honey

20 ml lemon juice

Scent of vanilla and lavender

calacatta cocktail recipe

Calacatta Cocktail

Inspired by summer and its light-heartedness, this cocktail is the perfect mix between aroma and freshness.

40 ml Ketel One vodka

15 ml lychee liqueur

15 ml elderberry liqueur

15 ml sugar

15 ml lime juice

portoro cocktail

Portoro Cocktail

A cocktail that reflects the notes of the Portoro perfume, the perfect experiment in the new frontier of perfumery and mixology!

45 ml Bourbon Whiskey
15 ml Yuntaku Goya
22 ml Lime Juice
22 ml Sugar
Cardamom Beans

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