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    Get 15% off Italian-handmade crafts

    Grand Hotel Portovenere celebrates the excellence of Made-in-Italy products created by craftsmen who are part of Capolavori. This Italian company exports authentic luxurious pieces of art and craft that are handmade exclusively in Italy.

    Book with Grand Hotel Portovenere to receive the promo code that grants you a discount of 15% on www.capolavori.com (home décor, jewels, leatherwork...)

  • Portovenere

    EATTIAMO Special Menu at Palmaria Restaurant

    In the days 5, 6 and 7 May 2017, Palmaria Restaurant proposes a special menu prepared with the products of the EATTIAMO network, formed by more than 80 artisans of taste who create delicacies following the tradition and who keep high the culture of Italian food.

    Discover the menu and the products selected by our Chef Francesco Parravicini.

    The lunch menu (2 courses, beverage excluded) costs 35 euros per person, while the dinner menu (complete menu with 4 courses, beverage excluded) costs 55 euros per person.

    Guests who stay at Grand Hotel Portovenere during one or more days of the event, can book both lunch and dinner together at the special price of 75 euros (instead of a total of 90 euros) and will receive a gift that EATTIAMO will deliver free of charge to their home address.

    For information and reservations, please contact reservations@portoveneregrand.com.

  • Portovenere

    April's Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing

    For foodies who want an experience that goes beyond wine and appetizers, the gourmet restaurant in Portovenere is also proposing a special tasting menu with amazing wine & food combinations.

    Discover the Menu & Wine Pairings, together with the wineries behind the initiative, on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • Portovenere

    Wine Tasting at Palmaria Restaurant

    Italian wines to tickle your taste buds

    In the unique atmosphere of our scenic rooms Moby Dick or Magnolia Room you will discover three itineraries enjoying a selection of Italian and local wine together with fine appetizers.

    Mister Vermentino: between Liguria and Tuscany
    3 white wines with munchies and delicacies.
    Cost: 30 euro per person

    Red Wine: an all-Italian itinerary
    3 red wines with munchies and delicacies.
    Cost: 45 euro per person

    For Bubble Lovers
    3 sparkling wines with munchies and delicacies.
    Cost: 45 euro per person

    Tasting duration: 60 minutes
    Available times: 16:30/17:30 - 17:30/18:30

    Upon request, we will be delighted to offer personalized tastings for groups of minimum 5 participants

    For more information on the experience of Wine Tasting in Portovenere, contact reservations@portoveneregrand.com.

    >> View the Flyer: "Italian wines to tickle your taste buds" <<

  • Portovenere

    Art Installation: Interview with Stefano Pilato

    Who is behind the giant art installation called "Follow Me Help Me" in the lobby of our hotel? His name is Stefano Pilato, and his works are created by assembling objects that are found on the beach, together with scrap materials from dumps, warehouses, forgotten and unwanted things in attics and friends’ houses. In other words, Stefano gives a second life opportunity to objects, often creating extraordinary results.

    We have interviewed him in occasion of the reopening of Grand Hotel Portovenere! Read the interview on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • Portovenere

    Half Day Meeting with Stay

    Grand Hotel Portovenere proposes this special package for your unique Corporate Meeting in the Gulf of Poets:

    • Use of the meeting room for a half day
    • 1 Coffee Break
    • 1 night in a Classic Room (DUS), breakfast included 

    Starting from 220 euro per person

    *Upon availability and excluding Easter and bank holidays
    Max 10 rooms
    This offer is valid for stays until 30 April 2017

    For information and reservations, please contact events@portoveneregrand.com

  • Portovenere

    Varignano Fortress opens for the first time in 300 years

    An exciting and unique occasion will take place on the weekend of 25 and 26 March 2017 in the Gulf of Poets: Varignano Fortress will open its doors to the public for the first time in almost 300 years!

    Fortezza di Varignano is located in the Le Grazie fraction in Portovenere. Here you can also visit the Roman Villa of Varignano, which hosts an archeologic museum.

    Read about the history of the Varignano Fortress on Discover Portovenere Blog.

    [Photo: Xylography from 1889 depicting Varignano Fortress. Source: enotrius]

  • Portovenere

    Easter Dining in Portovenere

    Have a magic Easter lunch on the panoramic veranda of Palmaria Restaurant!

    Chef Francesco Parravicini proposes a delicious Menu for Easter Sunday (view PDF).

    For information and reservations please contact:

    Tel +39 0187 777 751  palmaria@portoveneregrand.com

  • Gulf of Poets

    Leonardo da Vinci’s Machines in Sarzana

    Leonardo da Vinci is revered for his technological ingenuity, and is considered by many as the prime example of Universal Genius, the polymath of the Renaissance Era. How cool would it be to see some of his inventions, such as flying machines, war vehicles and mechanics & hydraulics devices? This spring you can enjoy a beautiful exhibition of such creations in Sarzana, specifically in Fortezza Firmafede from 18 March to 1 May 2017.

    Keep Reading on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • PortovenereGulf of Poets

    Spring 2017: Culture, Sailing and Art

    Winter is soon ending, and so is the “sleepy season” in Liguria’s Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre. Apart from the awakening of nature, spring also marks the return of seasonal events and the reopening of many hotels, restaurants and other businesses in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Let’s have a look at some of the events that you can attend and activities you can enjoy in the Gulf of Poets. Keep reading on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • Portovenere

    Business Meetings

    Grand Hotel Portovenere can accommodate small and large corporate events, combining business meetings with work lunches and dinners, cooking lessons, tastings, outdoor activities such as boat excursions in the Bay of Poets and hiking in the Cinque Terre, and tours in the marble quarries in Carrara.

    If you wish to find out about the available options for your next Business Meeting in Liguria, contact events@portoveneregrand.com

  • Portovenere

    Strategic Organization with LEGO® Serious Play ®

    On Friday 24 March 2017, Grand Hotel Portovenere hosts a workshop aimed at managers and executives of small and middle sized businesses.

    By joining, participants will learn:

    • Techniques of organizational assessment;
    • Planning scripts tailored for business needs;
    • Basic principles of the LEGO® Serious Play®.

    The themes of the workshop will be:

    • Methodology: instructions for use, application and strategies for customer acquisition management, team building, product innovation;
    • Basic notions, like the “flow” for more a productive and creative work;
    • The basic methods and four main phases of LEGO® Serious Play ®;
    • The Challenge: what is the most effective organization for your business?

    The course begins at 10:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm. The day includes two coffee breaks and one light lunch served on the panoramic veranda at Palmaria Restaurant.

    The course is organized by FUTOUR and taught by Paolo Martinez, expert in innovation and service & strategy design for businesses.

    For more information, please contact events@portoveneregrand.com

  • PortovenereGulf of Poets

    7 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Portovenere

    One of the things we wish for most fervently when getting ready for a vacation, is that the weather will be gloriously sunny. Or we at least hope that the rain will stay out of our way. However, clouds and rain sometimes are oblivious to our pleas and show no mercy. If you are traveling to an area such as the Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre – where tourism is largely based on outdoor activities like hiking, sailing and sightseeing – don’t panic. There are fun and interesting activities that you can enjoy, other than relaxing in the hotel. So, what can you do on a rainy day in Portovenere, in the heart of eastern Liguria? Read some ideas and tips on our blog "Discover Portovenere"

  • Portovenere

    Recipe: Squid stuffed with Liguria-style Rabbit

    In this recipe, Chef Francesco Parravicini of Palmaria Restaurant combines the flavors of the sea and of the earth, mixing the freshness and lightness of the lightly seared calamaro with the assertive taste of the rabbit, prepared in a Liguria style. To this unusual blend, he added yogurt and fennel for a touch of acidity and ham to accentuate the dish’s character.

    Find the entire recipe on our blog "Discover Portovenere"

  • Portovenere

    2017 Melges Sailing Series

    Following the successful editions of the past years, the Melges Sailing Series return in Portovenere. There are two exciting appointments in the events’ agenda:

    • MELGES32: 31 March – 2 April 2017
    • MELGES20: 7 – 9 April 2017

    Are you planning ahead for your Italian spring break? If you love sailing, do not miss the chance to visit the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre in occasion of the Melges regattas. 

    Grand Hotel Portovenere proposes discounted rates for advanced bookings. If you reserve a sea-view room, you can enjoy all the action from your own private balcony. Otherwise, the show can be admired from the panoramic terrace at Palmaria Restaurant. And for those who love exploring the sea by boat: don't miss Soleil 33, Grand Hotel’s very own motorboat!

  • Portovenere

    Elopement Wedding in Portovenere, the perfect venue

    Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in Italy yet feel overwhelmed by the thought of planning a large-scale event? For many couples, eloping is a very trendy solution to tying the knot without the pressures of planning and budget. Rather, the couple can better enjoy the sentiment of the intimate ceremony. In fact, an elopement wedding usually only involves the bride, the groom, the witnesses and – if the couple wishes it – a few selected members of the family.

    The idea of a Destination Elopement in Italy keeps on growing in popularity because there is something exciting about a couple escaping to the land of La Dolce Vita for a romantic wedding and honeymoon. If you like this idea and are looking for the perfect venue, you should consider one of the country's most dazzling locations: the Gulf of Poets in Liguria!

    In particular, Portovenere is a great option for your "fuitina". Why?

    Click here to discover 4 good reasons! (And the meaning of "fuitina")

  • Gulf of Poets


    Wine Lovers: in 2017, Grand Hotel becomes your point of reference in the Gulf of Poets. We will launch a rich calendar of events involving wine tastings of local and Italian wines. Come and sip the best labels under the ancient vaulted ceilings of Venus Bar, on our panoramic terrace at Palmaria Restaurant, and in a new surprising location dedicated exclusively to wine tasting! Meanwhile, read about one of our favorite wineries.

  • Gulf of Poets

    Innovative corporate activities & team building

    Can your company transform challenging problems into ideas, strategies, communication, leadership and participatory interaction? Of course it can, especially in a place like the inspiring Bay of Poets! Successful corporate retreats rely heavily on the excellence of the location combined with the quality of content. Let’s understand why a venue like Portovenere is ideal for both aspects.

    Keep Reading on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • Cinque Terre

    Manarola’s Unique Nativity Scene is Back!

    It is that time of the year again! Italy has just celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on 8 December, a national holiday when families traditionally put up their Christmas tree and Nativity Scenes. Things were no different at Mario Andreoli’s place, except for the fact that he is the creator of one of the most amazing crèches on Earth!

    Keep Reading on Discover Portovenere Blog

  • Gulf of Poets

    Artists in the Park: Hélène de Beauvoir

    “Between River and Sea” is an art exhibition with works by French painter Hélène de Beauvoir. She created these paintings in the Gulf of Poets, when she was in her house in Trebiano, a village near Sarzana and within the Montemarcello-Magra Park.

    Her paintings can be viewed free of charge between 3 December 2016 and 15 January 2017 in “La Capannina di Ciccio” in Bocca di Magra, one of the places she used to visit most frequently when she was spending time in the province of La Spezia. After that date, the exhibition will become itinerant, touching villages...

    Keep Reading the Article on Discover Portovenere Blog

    [Source/Photo credit for the top image: Galerie Hammer Regensburg]

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